In 1999, the dairy industry filed a suit against the soy industry seeking an injunction against soymilk manufacturers from referring to their product as "milk." Attorneys for the National Fluid Milk Processors argued that "milk" was a liquid substance that came from cow’s udders, not beans. Although I have been against the consumption of cow’s milk products since 1994 (when Monsanto developed the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone), I was rooting for the dairymen. I wanted them to win. If milk producers gained a victory in the courts, the name soymilk would forever vanish from our language. What would replace it? I was hoping that the soy industry would name their product, "NOT-pus," "NOT-hormones," or "NOT-glue."

You’ve made your soymilk. Now what? It’s steaming hot. There are an infinite number of options to be explored. The SoyToy will be your introduction to an entirely new cuisine. There are an infinite number of ways to enjoy soymilk. Many people buy containers and simply use it on their cereal as a substitute for cow’s milk. How boring.

Here’s how I usually start my day: I make two quarts of the basic recipe. Add one tablespoon of maple syrup to one pint of soymilk and enjoy the drink hot. What a wonderful way to welcome the sunrise. After that is finished, I add to a second pint either one bouillon cube (I use a brand made from vegetarian stock)

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